Are You Ready Redmond?

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What if you had to stay at work overnight or for more than 24 hours?

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What if someone was injured or bleeding?

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What if a family member, friend, colleague or customer collapsed in front of you?

Would you be prepared? Would you know what to do?

Would you be comfortable or be able to make someone else more comfortable?

Would you save a life? Could you be that hero?

Redmond Ready encourages a culture of preparedness for City of Redmond employees and the public. Take a personal preparedness class, First Aid, and CPR. You will build a great foundation to prepare for the unexpected and handle it better when it happens.

Register for Redmond Ready Day

Be prepared for the unexpected. Learn what to do to keep yourself and others safe. Take advantage of a great discounted price for First Aid and CPR certification - $25.

Redmond Ready Day features a two-hour class in personal preparedness and certification in First Aid and CPR.  Information tables and vendors covering various aspects of preparedness and volunteer opportunities will be available. Register early, first come, first served. Space is limited. Attendance is required for the full day.

Saturday, February 22, 2014, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

  • Check-in begins at 8:30 am
  • Location: Redmond Police Department, 8701 160th Avenue NE, Redmond, WA
  • Reminder: Bring your own lunch.
  • Registration must be received by Thursday, February 20, 2014 and is non-refundable.
  • Special event! Youth ages 15-17 may register for free. (Course # 49479)
  • Adults register online through the Redmond Parks & Rec system (Course # 49198) or mail the completed registration form (Adobe PDF) along with a check for $25.00 payable to "City of Redmond" to the address on the form.

Instructor time is being donated by Redmond Citizen Corps Council (RCCC) volunteers and facilitated by the Redmond Office of Emergency Management (OEM), resulting in a significant savings over typical First Aid and CPR certification. RCCC will provide light snacks.

Additional Redmond Ready two-hour emergency preparedness classes will be offered at no cost throughout the rest of the year. Check back here for more details or call 425-556-2251.

Disaster Preparedness

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A large part of Redmond Ready consists of advanced preparation so you will be comfortable and self-sufficient for 7-10 days (at least) in adverse conditions. Download checklists from Make it Through, the Puget Sound regional personal preparedness campaign. 


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Watch the "Run. Hide. Fight." video, which depicts a fictional shooting incident in an office building and provides guidance on what to do to survive.


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Watch the "Ways to Survive" animated music video by Liv & the Survivors of Bellevue, WA. They are a sasquatch family band that prepares for and responds to various hazards that can occur in the Pacific Northwest.


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Expand your prepared network. Map Your Neighborhood (MYN) provides basic preparedness training for small groups of neighbors. Visit Redmond Map Your Neighborhood for more information.



Enroll in a Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) class for advanced emergency preparedness training. Visit Redmond Citizen Corps Council (RCCC) CERT for more information or to register for an upcoming class.


Latest News & Information

Red Cross LogoAmerican Red Cross Shelter Operations

Regardless of the emergency, when large groups of people are temporarily displaced from their homes, the American Red Cross responds by opening and operating shelters.  The Red Cross provides shelter for disaster victims in public and private facilities and relies upon volunteers from the local community. This course certifies you to effectively assist a Red Cross shelter. 

This is a full-day course comprising of three hours of class time plus a 3 1/2 hour simulation exercise. 

Visit the Red Cross King County chapter for more information on this and other classes.

Contact: Janeen Olson, 425-556-2251

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